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What's Errors and Omissions insurance?

Errors and Omissions insurance is for business owners who don't like sleepless nights.

It protects you if a disgruntled client or third party sues you because they think your business has done something wrong. Even if it hasn't.

You get an expert lawyer to fight your corner and, if it turns out you have made a mistake, your coverage pays any compensation or damages you're liable for.

You get to keep running your business, safe in the knowledge you'll still have one when it's all over.

What's General Liability insurance?

General Liability insurance provides coverage if you go to clients' sites or have visitors to your office.

If a person's injured or their property damaged Liability insurance will protect you against such claims.

Settlements can reach six figures and the legal costs of a claim can be enough to put you out of business.

General Liability Insurance covers the legal cost of defending you, and pays compensation or awards to fix what's wrong. It means your business doesn't slip up, even if someone else does.

Pocket protection package

Mismanage and you’ll know about it. Investors, regulators, customers, creditors, employees, competitors — if any of them think your management team’s made a bad decision, they can sue.

Now there’s a whole heap of issues around business decisions made, mistakes, and wrongful acts. The laws surrounding them get really complex. And without the right insurance, your business, your own and even your employees’ assets could be on the line.

The good news is there’s insurance designed to cover you, your key people, and your company, for its actions: management liability insurance.

It’s not actually a policy, it’s a name for a package of insurance products. Just pick the ones that suit your needs.

Fiduciary liability insurance

Fiduciary liability insurance

Protects you from the cost of claims you've mismanaged employee benefit plans.

Fiduciary liability insurance
Employment practices liability insurance

Employment practices liability insurance

Protects you from the cost of claims brought for unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, discrimination and more.

Employment practices liability insurance
Directors’ and officers’ insurance

Directors’ and officers’ insurance

Protects your personal assets. Because being on the board shouldn’t mean putting your savings and home at risk.

Directors’ and officers’ insurance

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